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Ocean Adventurer

Ocean Adventurer 2017 Refit

In April of 2017 the SEA ADVENTURER entered the Dry Dock at the Ulstein Yard in Ulsteinvik Norway for a multimillion dollar refit. In July she would reemerge, better than ever as “OCEAN ADVENTURER”.

In one of our largest refits ever, the OCEAN ADVENTURER received approximately $10 Million in upgrades. The technical upgrades include a Rolls Royce Engine Room package consisting of two new Main Engines, four new Generators, new Propellers, new Main and Bridge Wing Control systems and much more.

MAIN ENGINES: Two (2) Bergen C25:3316PCD, 2000KW, 2710 metric BHP at 1000 RPM

GEAR BOX: Two (2) Rolls Royce 60 AGSC, Max, torque in 45000 Nm, Max. torque out
145000Nm, Direction of rotation, Counterclockwise/Clockwise, Reduction
Ratio Between 5,5:1 and 1,5:1

GENERATORS: Four (4) Engine: Volvo Penta, Generator: Stamford, Rating: 475 kVA,
Overload (110%): 522 kVA, Voltage:380 V, Frequency: 50 Hz, Speed:
1500 rpm, Classification: BV

PROPELLERS: Eight (8) Design and manufacture new propeller blades

Based on this complete engine room package Rolls Royce has indicated we can expect, based on our current operational trend, a $200,000 to $250,000 fuel saving per year.

To top off the technical part of the renovation the Ocean Adventurer underwent all new stability modification with the addition of an 80 ton steel Duck-tail.

In addition to the technical upgrades, the vessel also underwent a massive hotel renovation with the addition of nine new suites.

Nestled atop the existing lounge, the six new suite cabins on Deck 5 will have great views of what is ahead. Just a few short steps from your cabin door, you will have the best views looking forward over the vessels bow from a unique Observation Deck.

The three suites added in the aft are simply gorgeous and a welcome retreat after a day on the ice.

The existing cabins also saw a major make over as all the bathrooms have been renewed from the deck up. Sinks, toilets, showers, tiling, lighting and all bathroom fixtures have been renewed. The Dining Room make over consisted of a brand new USPH buffet set-up with a carving station.

In addition to new buffet unit, the Dining Room also received new chairs, additional tables, new drapery, carpet, wall covering, buffet and entry area deck tiles, Banquettes and divider panels on the buffet counter, new lighting and artwork

The Lounge was given a thorough make over, as was the rest of the vessel, with new carpets, tables, chairs, brand new Banquettes and new drapery. New audio and visual equipment was added as with new wiring. New carpeting, new public restrooms, lighting and much more round off the Dining Room renovations.

With the addition of the Duck Tail the OCEAN ADVENTURER project has not overlooked any aspect of a vessel renovation. From enhanced fuel economy with the addition of the new Main Engines and Generators to improved safety with the Duck Tail installation to the beautiful cabins and public spaces up-dated and added. All areas onboard have been addressed and renovated in detail.

The OCEAN ADVENTURER is a world class expedition vessel and will sail for many years to come.